Reply To: Thermoelectric power

  • BiggKidd

    February 8, 2024 at 11:52 pm

    I am worn slam out got a good 6 hours working on this today! Didn’t make it as far as testing though. I did however get a lot done. First I added another 35 or so pounds of sand and started a fire. It still needs more sand! Then I put the front cover back on after reinstalling the insulation. Welded up a broken hinge on the door. Got an el-cheapo 12v charge controller installed for all the 12v working parts. It’s already hooked to a tiny 12v battery and light. Hey I have light out there now! It will also be running the fan to draw air through the stove and the water pump to pump the water / antifreeze mixture through for cooling the modules. Got the water pump in place and mixed up 3 gallons of 50/50 and have it in the 5 gallon bucket that’s acting as a reservoir. Once I get it all up and running I have to run all the straight water out and see how much it takes to fill all the lines that will tell me how many feet of PEX I put in there in 2010! Yep this has taken a minute to make happen. It just wasn’t that high on the priority list. Anyway the stove got hot faster than I got things ready to hook up. So I cut it back off at 200f. Which reminds me I still need to remove the fan and cap the chimney incase it rains and to stop it loosing heat.

    I THINK I am about ready to test the module lifter plate and 2 of the modules I never was able to get specs for next time I run it. While that’s happening I will drop the wiring to run over to the battery / power building and hookup the 48 volt charge controller for the main system.