Reply To: A World Away

  • Hippocrates_Garden

    January 20, 2024 at 7:33 pm

    While I’d prefer not to be internet-connected for many reasons, at the moment, it is a necessity, as I’m not able to be on my property that much, but need to know what’s going on. Fo instance at the moment, I have two small solar arrays. One goes through a Victron charge controller, and one goes through an “all in one” inverter/charger. I can see what’s going on with the All in One via ‘Solar assistant” (and even have some real-time control), and it should be giving me the best state of charge of the batteries, as they batteries talk directly to the all in one, however, all energy in and out of the battery rack also goes through a Victron Smart Shunt, which currently doesn’t talk to Solar assistant.

    The first pic is the current status of the all-in-one, including the battery state of charge (Grid = generator)

    The second pic is the Victron side, with combined solar, generator, etc going into the batteries.