Reply To: A World Away

  • Hippocrates_Garden

    January 20, 2024 at 6:02 pm

    what is the dc voltage of your system? 12/24/36/48

    What is the rating for your inverter, and what is the largest load you need to run, evern for a few minutes?

    The reason I ask is, one if the significant differences between lithium and lead based, is the lithium has a bms, even if diy. Those bms’s are rated at 100 or 200amps generally.

    1300W on a 12volt system (I used 13 vdc for the calculation) is 100 amps. Meaning, if you ever, much less routinely have total loads over 1300W, you need either a 200amp bms, or two batteries with 100amp bms’s

    on a 24vdc system, then 100 amps (using 25vdc for calculation) is about 2500W

    Just something to think about. Lead is made to surge hundreds of amps for a few seconds, Depending on the bms and cells, a lithium may go 50% over rated capacity, so a 100amp might go 150amps for a few seconds, then shut down.

    It’s not just about the size of the cells, sometimes one needs multiple “batteries” for the amp load.