Reply To: A World Away

  • Hippocrates_Garden

    January 11, 2024 at 1:11 am

    I consider Renogy a decent, budget, but throwaway brand. I’ve not heard a whole lot of good re: any service. I use Renogy charge controllers and so far no problem, but not using them real hard, and not in big systems. That all-in-one is just another rebranded one. It boils down to how much you need to depend on it. If it is truly critical, then I’d stick to the well-known, decades-proven brands. Schneider, Victron etc.
    After that, who has U.S.-based support, either direct to manufacturers or established dealers?
    For not really -that- important systems, or just testing, trialing, learning, amazon.

    Thus far I have:
    Batteries: EG4 48v rackmount (6), Epoch 48v waterproof (4), LiTime 12v 100ah (4), one diy LiPo and 8 6v deep cycle lead acids.
    Charge Controllers: Victron (mppt), Renogy (pwm and mppt)
    Inverters: Victron, Harbor Freight
    All in One: EG4
    and various panels, cables, racks, etc.