Reply To: Taking Steps

  • Redcap

    December 27, 2023 at 6:36 pm

    We are also not off-grid, although I have lived off-grid, but we live a lot like we are also. You can get a fan for the top of the wood stove that is non-electric. We use the inexpensive Tomersun 3 blade and for the price have a spare. But we’ve used it 3 years and it’s still going strong. It’s less expensive now than when we bought it.

    A solar shower bag filled with water warmed on top of the wood stove should make showering much easier on you.

    I have always hung up my laundry on a line because I wear only cotton and wool and they would shrink in a dryer.

    We just scored this 30″ potbelly stove that we’re going to put in the back of the house where our wood stove doesn’t heat well. Not only can we warm the back of the house for VERY little wood, we can have boiling water for tea and coffee and ditch the electric kettle. Because the stove is small, we could disconnect it and move it easily to the back patio and use it all summer. The local Amish sometimes move their giant cookstoves out to a porch for summer.

    I dehydrate most of the food I preserve and store and I do that almost exclusively by the wood stove, but I do have a Nesco dehydrator (used) for spring and summer things that can’t wait. I also made a couple of hanging dehydrators out of racks from old free jerky dehydrators that I use to air dry greens in summer.

    It’s okay if you’re still on-grid for your husband. It’s the way you give love to him because that’s what he wants. 😘 But you can still do all these other things to live more off-grid if that’s what you enjoy. And maybe during a power outage or something, you’ll have things in place and he’ll have to use them and he might like some of them.