Reply To: How do you pump agricultural water for the crops and critters?

  • BiggKidd

    December 4, 2023 at 5:05 pm

    Grrr this pump fiasco is killing me!

    Because they don’t actually have the pump in stock they said 6 weeks for delivery. Obviously I can’t wait 6 weeks so I tried everywhere that “carries” these pumps no one actually had one in hand. So I went back and ordered a more expensive lower output pump they supposedly do have on hand. Problem now is a bunch of the parts I already ordered are now useless and I need to order the correct parts for this setup. UGH What a pain in the rear!

    Link for the pump I just ordered.

    In other news I may have found a helper for around the farm. Supposed to try and meet up with her tomorrow or the next day. I’ll let y’all know more when I know more. lol

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