Reply To: Wood Gasifiers – the Other Solar

  • ElderStatesman

    October 2, 2023 at 8:18 pm

    Wood Gasifier;
    Sounds like we got some practitioners here.

    A coupla of our homestead buddies set up a wood gasifier ala ‘Mother Earth News’ and grafted on to an old farm tractor. Although in the end they didn’t grow a lot potatoes or anything, mostly because their 1952 ‘Zetor’ ‘Eastern-Bloc’ unit was difficult to obtain parts for, leaving one to travel to Romania just to to find a starter motor that operated w/ ‘communist electricity’

    Modern manufactured kits do render less dirty’ combustion waste, as seen as tars; grime; and creosotes mixed in with the ‘producer/city’ gas—generally CO & Hydrogen Two being the volatiles, which does the ‘heavy lifting’.

    Although this is a ‘gasifier’ query, would say for myself, a now-retired racy mechanic, living in a conifer forest turpetinaceos location, I personally took the fork in the road towards ‘cold-vaporization’ of the gasoline to augment the fuel efficiencies. When pulling the head, and seeing that gasoline being dirty-enough in it’s own right, another concept is maybe to run propane vapor through some kind of vortex-swirl process, although that is still largely a theoretical concept w/ me.

    In the end, fuel sources aside, and if the present ‘G-Men’ don’t succeed in getting us preppers into the next world war, the thrust essentially was we were able to run ‘ICE’s’ (internal combustion engines) on a notably leaner air-to-fuel stoichiometric ratio than the classic 15-1. If desiring to veer in that direction, suggest reviewing ‘EagleResearch’s (on internet) extensive work-product. Beyond that, perhaps a ‘candlelight session’ enquiring of Tesla how he ran that Pierce Arrow 12 cylinder w/ something in a shoebox.

    Blessings, ‘ElderStatesman’