Reply To: Testing a 55 gal barrel buried underground for temps, and possible uses.

  • MartHale7

    September 27, 2023 at 10:36 pm

    I am in zone 9A upper Florida. The temps I have above is with 3 inches of soil on top, and the lid was not fully sealed. Average ground temps here are going to be a bit warmer….

    I with much effort dug the barrel back out and it is now down 1 foot below surface level, fully sealed, with my temp / humidity probe in.

    The barrel for the first two weeks was dry on the bottom, I did not see condensation so far, but as we move into colder months that may change.

    I intend to check back on this in about 2 months and get the temp data. But as of now I don’t see any reason this is not a valid food storage for long term. The advantages I see to this is it is protected against fire, hurricanes, and theft if I hide it right. I don’t have to worry about AC or heating to keep this in a good temp range from the data I have seen so far.

    The problem I see with this is getting the goods out. I am thinking that i can use grocery bags with string tied to the bags to let the goods down, then use shipping tape to tape the string to the side of the barrel so that I can retrieve the bags.

    This has been a test run for me, and with time I should have better data.

    As I type this another idea came to me that I could have a barrel say 3 feet down with water in it, then use a pump to move this water up to a barrel around my plants to protect them against frost with the warmer temp… But I won’t know if that is viable idea until I start getting better data.

    As I was digging this I was thinking there must be a better way to remove the sand from the hole, using a post hole digger works but If I want to go deeper or dig several of these then i will want to come up with something better…