Reply To: The “Groundfridge”, no electricity needed

  • grumpy-gardener

    May 25, 2023 at 10:37 am

    Good morning, this could work but you can make a small cold storage from a trash can or I like the idea of burying an old fridge or freezer with the door up. You can get these almost daily on Craigslist free. Depending on your soil characteristics you can just dig a 2×2 foot hole down about 6 or 8 feet and fashion a basket on a rope to lower in. Cover with an insulated plywood or metal cover. We had one of these at our old family homestead in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. It was used to keep milk, meat and cheese cool. There is a stone lined “refrigerator” near a cellar hole behind my land which belonged to someone who went off to the civil war and never returned. If you intend to use in the winter you need to go deeper than the frost line. The earth is roughly 55 degrees at 6 feet almost everywhere. Blessings.