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    Artifact of not preparing beforehand, for the wind storm that knocked out power earlier this month. This was a glass oil lamp recovered as an antique from an abandoned house, and was up on the shelf with the other Chinese kerosene lamps one could buy from Dollar Tree about twenty years ago.

    I found that the wick would not respond to the spurs that adjust the height, so I pulled it apart, by lamplight, and cleaned the inside of the wick holder with sandpaper. That wasn’t the entire problem, so I found a piece of steel strapping (always good for an assortment of jackleg repairs), and shimmed the wick on the side opposite the rowels by trimming and bending short segment into a [ shape, so that it would neither be spit out the top nor go drop into the oil.

    The colored lamp oil that my mother bought from Kmart thirty plus years ago wasn’t enough to go to the bottom of the wick, and I didn’t want to poll the big box stores in the Crapital City for ‘Little House on The Prairie’ supplies at that time of night. Who knows how many places were without power; far more than NES was letting on, I can tell you that. Thinkthinkthink. I thought until woodsmoke was threatening to pour out my ears, and I got a shred of very old all-cotton toweling and a ‘bread tie’.

    I stripped off the plastic from the bread tie, and cut the shred of towel into an L shape, so that there was enough toweling to wrap around the stub of the old cotton wick. Using an old hatpin, I punched a series of holes in my toweling/wick sandwich and threaded them tightly together with the iron wire. That made the entirety long enough to drop into the bit of inherited lamp oil. Within a very short time, the wick was soaked, and all was functional.

    1. As my wife would say, “too much sugar for a dime”. But, what else was I going to do? Nothing on TV. we used the blackout to have game night, as ‘No Internet’ meant we had the attention of a visiting young’un.

    2. Note to self: Buy more lamp oil, and some 7/8″ wick. This size will probably fit the lamp I found in an old abandoned shed as well.

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    “Homestead Happenings” is one Holler’s “Farm Report” which usually happens 9:30, 10:30 Central time Fridays. The one currently going on is
    A little about growing stuff, a little bit about raising creatures, a little bit about homesteading, a little bit about building community, a whole lot about life and freedom. If you’re Here, or Planning To Move Here, a good practical contact. and questions in ALL CAPS are encouraged.

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      thanks for sharing!!

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