Reply To: Chicken Breeds

  • Hippocrates_Garden

    November 30, 2023 at 3:21 am

    First time with chickens, I say.. don’t worry about the “best” of anything other than, what will be the easiest for where you are. Your general, all-around, easy to care for, Chevy’s of the chicken world.

    Hard to go wrong with something like Rhode Island Reds, Honestly, maybe contact Murray McMurray and just say “Hey, I live in (x) state, first timer, and want the closest thing to bulletproof hens possible, what are your suggestions?

    Pretty much any hen lays eggs, and any of them can be eaten. Get a year or two of figuring out feeding, watering, maybe moving etc. then with that experience, move in a desired direction. There are almost infinite possibilities for different circumstances and goals.