Need A Side Hustle?

  • Need A Side Hustle?

    Posted by Art on September 19, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    Let me tell you about a side hustle/business that a young man exposed me to many many years ago. It was so interesting that years later after the Internet became a thing, I suggested to him that he write a How To eBook and sell it online. Although I no longer remember his name or the name of his book, I’ve never forgotten what he did. He even made more money in a couple months than most people were making in a year. I’m sure that today you can probably find someone doing the same thing but probably not very many.

    Have you ever glanced over at a cemetery as you were driving by and noticed how all the new headstones stick out like a sore thumb. Well, this young man did. He was actually at a point in his life where he was out looking for a job so he could feed his family. He turned around and drove into the cemetery and took a walk. He got to looking at all the old headstones …. dirty, covered in green growth, Etc. He thought, what a shame. Viola!! He had an idea.

    He talked to the cemetery owner and found out that they would help him identify the families of all those buried there. So, he started sending letters to families offering his service to “clean the family members headstone” for a small fee. Later, he realized that he could sign them up on a yearly maintenance contract. The rest if history … He started out slow with one cemetery. Word of mouth spread to the point people were contacting him about doing the same for them in other cemetery’s. So he did. 🙂

    Sometimes, thinking outside the box pays off.

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