Reply To: What to Look For in Homestead Land

  • RedBlock

    April 29, 2023 at 12:38 pm

    Make sure you have the things that cannot (easily) be changed like rights for access, the needed infrastructure can be put in later. Also think about things that might put other buyers of and you are willing or able to accept. Also consider how your fields will look after heavy rain. We here have many periods during fall/winter/spring that rain collects in lower lying areas and thus leads to an area being flooded where you might not look for it.

    Repairs and upgrades on an older house can be done overtime as long as the house is good enough to live also depends on your personal skill in the area of building/fixing the issues. We specifically whent for an older house(approx. 120 years) because the houses build between the 30 and 70 have various sets of problems that are harder/more expensive to remediate.