Reply To: Setting up your homestead for the future…

  • HalfBuBBleOffPlumb

    April 25, 2024 at 2:52 am

    Good video, I’m a bit late in seeing it, but hey better let than never. I tend to look at alot of things on the homestead and the city houses in this sense but also trying to put things in place for when everytjing is turned over to my boys. For example where I put my woodshed, my son asked why it wasnt on the other side of the property. I said i put it on the driveway side figuring 30 years from now if I’m getting firewood and fall someone is more likely to find me coming up the drive than on the opposite side of the property. I think alot of it not only goes back to working smarter not harder but also thinking way ahead in general