Reply To: History of Ivermectin

  • Bright_Sunday

    May 25, 2023 at 6:54 pm

    Severe adverse reactions to ivermectin have been seen in 1% of ivermectin-related calls to poison control centers. In 21 calls to the Oregon Poison Control Center for reactions to ivermectin, people had consumed veterinarian-grade paste (between 6.8 and 125 mg), veterinarian-grade solution (between 20 and 50 mg), and human-grade tablets (21 mg). Six of these ingestions resulted in hospitalization, 4 with gastrointestinal distress, 3 with confusion, 2 with ataxia and weakness, 2 with hypotension, and 1 with seizures. All of these doses were much lower than the dose consumed by our patient, 740 mg (5.4 mg/kg). Altered mental status, as in our patient, has been seen in extremely high-dose ivermectin ingestion. A patient who consumed 15.4 mg/kg in a suicide attempt was in a coma for 3 days and another who consumed 7 mg/kg developed somnolence, severe vomiting, and hypotension. At these doses, it is presumed that ivermectin overwhelms the blood–brain barrier. There is also a small subset of the population with mutations in the protein that maintains the ivermectin blood–brain barrier and are sensitive to neurotoxicity from ivermectin at FDA-approved doses.