Reply To: canning home grown cannellini beans

  • Squeeze

    October 7, 2023 at 1:37 pm

    Those FDA rules are more like an insurance disclaimer. They may have been started as guidelines for commercial canneries. People have been canning for quite some time without those guidelines, and pressure canners. Other countries are surprised when they hear the ‘rules’ and know nothing about altitude or acidic. The amish still do it the old way, water bath meats, etc. (3 hr boil) you can tell if something has gone bad. I do both water bath and pressure canning, and use the ‘guidelines’ for the most part, but I dont follow them like they are the end all be all. There are lots of traditional ways of preserving that have been used for many generations that the FDA does not recognise. And I do a lot things that were taught to me from family tradition that are outside the boundies of FDA guidelines. Do what your comfortable with. Theres a lot of evidence in both camps, but I wont change tried and true for commercial guidelines and insurance waiver stipulation…. Ill just leave it at that