Reply To: Trouble in the garden

  • Ozark-Hillbilly

    June 22, 2023 at 4:38 pm

    Just keep going with it. Start what ever will grow. Lettuce beans etc. It’s still early enough that you could even get a few tomatoes before freeze. You can cover them on the frost nights. You won’t get the bumper crop but you will get some. Green tomatoes have some good use. Fried and canned in salsa. What you really need is the expereince of doing it. You will do better the next time. Even in weeding the garden learn what the weeds are some of those have benefits and can make foods, spices and medicines. Learn about the bugs that you see. It is hard to change something. I have found that its best to take what is there and go with that. Learn it then amend it if need be. Trying to amend soil with out really understanding what you are doing is very costly and laborious. You can just be pouring a lot of money in a mud hole. All you really need is dirt and some seed. That’s a great place to start your journey. Grace to you and may your blessings be multiplied. 🙂 Keep a written journal of what you plant month/day and what happened over time Loss and successes even pictures, It will be priceless come next growing season. After all it is the journey.