Reply To: Potatoes, comfrey and yarrow

  • punkin-pie

    April 21, 2023 at 4:48 pm

    You have been busy!!! I haven’t harvested any comfrey yet this year and the only thing we have in are onions. Planning on planting peas this week. We have the ground prepared for sweet potatoes when our slips are ready. We have never grown them before. Has anyone else in our area (W PA) grown them with any luck? We have most things in raised beds, mostly because we live on the side of a mountain practically and I don’t feel like walking down to the bottom of it every time I want a tomato. Glad your mom is doing well. She is lucky to have someone to care enough about her to allow her to do what she can while she can. I remember building a little raised bed for my dad to continue gardening. Take care and wishing you a productive year. Keep on keeeping on.