Reply To: Seed exchange/swap world wide

  • JerseyGiantChick

    March 8, 2023 at 4:13 pm

    Hold on to your seeds, protect and keep them save. Think it is so important to share and grow to save seeds.

    We became such beautiful seeds, first unavailable to order in Europe from our wishlist. Our wishlist is long, but because of the gifted seeds we can grow or seedbank for real.

    I hope we can help each other out this way, together we can so much good. So please let me know if you freesteaders wishes some.

    Have found some good website, to make a wishlist. Figure out what is still to order in Europe, for the last years a lot a seeds are sold out and are unavailable because of lost crops and not able to order. That will not get any better as we know, so think the future for all of us is exchange seeds.