Reply To: Next round of purging of food supply.

  • MartHale7

    November 6, 2023 at 11:58 am

    I do believe these James Bond type villains do see the big picture.

    80% of the USA are sheep, they will believe that voting for a person will fix everything.

    Voting for Trump will only get us more of the World Economic Forum as Trump speaks HIGHLY of the globalist…


    World Economic Forum

    Voting Democrat will only get us more WEF, as they support no borders and the inrush of new voters for their cause.

    The only options I see left is to create our own systems, new health care, new food production systems, and be our own black market for trade.

    I do hope for convention of the states, but for that to happen the people must feel PAIN before they change they are too comfortable now to change.

    As a Christian, I believe for the most part things are going to get worse not better because as a whole the world is getting ready for the one ruler system. The sheep are most ready.