Reply To: First time rabbit mama lost all her kits

  • Tentance-KnottyPots

    July 13, 2023 at 8:12 pm

    Now, I may be making an unwarranted assumption. But by asking this question can we assume you are in the deep south? Here at my homestead in west Florida I do not breed the rabbits at this time of year. I will start breeding again in September. Because losing kits to heat stress is awful and they seem to be able to handle our coldest nights alright with the fur lining the nest tub.

    As for mastitis, just like in humans it is pretty rare. It will help her if you give her the highest quality feed available and lots of it. And just like in humans, mastitis is indicated by abnormal swelling and pus like discharge from one of the glands. Shouldn’t be all of them. Just like in humans, without any kits to feed her milk will stop and she will heal and be ready for breeding in a week or two

    I would not move the kits between them.

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