Reply To: Garden advice.

  • FaithK

    April 26, 2023 at 5:42 pm

    Grazon, especially with legumes and nightshades, will usually present as twisted leaves and stems. It’s ugly. It’s pretty distinctive as far as I’ve seen. David the Good has a good blog post with photos of the damage: Dealing with Grazon Contamination | The Survival Gardener

    Yellowing is often lack of nitrogen, or too much nitrogen (if it’s not a watering issue). They say not to add much, if any, nitrogen to legumes because they make their own nitrogen, and fix it to the soil. That’s the benefit of legumes even if you don’t eat them. But the bacteria that helps grow the nodules on the roots that actually do the fixing needs to be there. A lot of soils have at least some. I mentioned the amendment earlier that I’m going to use, because the plot I had tilled had zero legumes growing there in who knows how long – it didn’t even have ANY clover, which if your plot had, it likely had that bacteria to grow the nodules.

    And make sure you’re watering appropriately, not overwatering. I know y’all have had a lot of rain this spring (at least my family in Morgan City and Lafayette have). So that may be an issue as well. Those are really the main yellowing issues for beans and peas.