Building Community How / Why?

  • Building Community How / Why?

    Posted by Sojourner on December 4, 2022 at 4:37 pm

    I’m talking real involved in eachothers lives on a daily basis kind of community. Not that a cyber community with meet ups has nothing to offer, but we honestly can’t get to really know eachother at the same level as a neighbor who calls at midnight for a ride to the hospital, or a friend we visit in the hospital or attend a funeral with. Or someone we do chores with, like cutting firewood or gathering wild edibles. Am I getting through yet?😉

    That’s the kind of Community Relationships we hopefully are developing in our daily lives no matter where we are.

    After just reading a comment section from “The Prepared Homestead ” Comment after comment came from failed attempts at connecting with a group of like minded people. It made me sad to see so many being isolated from those around them 😥… It elicited this response to hopefully encourage others to give it a fresh try, with a different focus.

    ​We’ve been building community/relationships for 5 years amongst desert dwellers. (a special breed) and by using other common intrest other than SHTF, like organic gardening, harvesting native mushrooms in mountains nearby, cutting firewood and community BBQ’S hosted at our homes we have built a tight little group. Built by Love and sweat equity.

    In other words we chose to take time and build friendships through being involved in practical ways with eachother!

    Without trying to get together with a bunch of hobby preppers, We are now the prepared.

    That’s not by any good plan or such that we came up with, but it was built by God’s hand in an organic living, real way. Through love tried & tested in real life.

    That’s the only way anyone can accomplish what so many say they are searching for.

    I’m among the blessed who are living in the place that God had already prepared for us in advance. Not because of me or us, but because of who He is! Faithful and True…

    He has a place prepared for His beloved. You just need to be there.

    It’s in the book search it out by His Spirit that lives in you, if in deed it does. Amen

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