Reply To: Christian Praxis of Homesteading

  • Hippocrates_Garden

    January 16, 2024 at 3:16 am

    There is a skete in Grand Junction, TN a bit west of Memphis that I visited a few times. Mother Nektaria (now passed), was probably the one person who was the most accepting of me, under any and all situations. When I finished Nursing school, in my 40’s (RN), I was so stressed, I just called her to make sure the guest house was not in use, and just went to chill. If I wanted to sleep, that was fine, if I wanted to read that was fine, if I wanted to join her in any of the hours or other services in her small chapel, she appeared pleased to have someone help read. Haven’t been back to that church or skete in years now (had to move to care for my parents), but probably miss her more than the actual church. I can’t go to any other (non-Orthodox) service or church for any reason, and feel like it’s actually “church”. Likely judgemental etc, but just how I feel. The quiet, the smell.. Never a doubt it’s a church, rather than someplace a “show” is put on. The only one where I am now, is a very small chapel, that I don’t think has a permanent priest, and is an old calendar, Russian offshoot that I don’t believe is in communion with the rest of the church.