Reply To: “The Great Awaking or The Great Falling Away”

  • CarolinaCarefree

    August 3, 2023 at 5:14 pm

    I’m sorry if I was not clear on forsaking the fellowand are worse ship. I am not a lone wolf. I still fellowship with a lot of brothers and sisters. Some of which have also been led to seek other fellowship. We are to sharpen each other. What I meant was that some ‘in fellowship’ should be ‘left alone’ as they are but wolves in sheep’s clothing. And this may include the entire congregation. So if your church is opposed to God’s true words, the (for lack of better terms) forsake the fellowship. Find other true Christians that can support you. But chose this only at God’s lead. Don’t let my earthly words sway. If you are considering leaving a fellowship, PRAY, and PRAY HARD! This is not a light choice. It took me about a year prior to making mine and I had no more questions of the leadership to do this. I have been both blessed and busted at this. There are some at my old congregation that I am still friends with and some that I am still friendly to (as I try not to ‘unfriend’ anyone, but simple not fellowship with them). Some have said I was.stupid to do this but I have had the opportunity to preach at some places I would not have if I was still sitting in the same pew. Jesus sent the twelve out on occasion, and our church’s still send missionaries. This is my personal missionary journey. And I have found other churches that are ‘preaching the Jesus that Paul preaches’ and are not in a personal relationship with Christ. And that is what fellowship is all about relationship. Without the fellowship with Christ, our fellowship with each other is nothing more that of the pagan or Satan worshipper next door. So yes we can leave a congregation or not fellowship with some and still retain our fellowship with Christ. I hope this helped clarify things.